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The markets available for you to enjoy eSports betting

Within the Sports section we have different eSports leagues for you to bet on and have fun during the quarantine. The popularity of eSports is hard to measure. That’s why today we bring you the most important video games for you to become an expert in betting on eSports.

The eSports are one of the options we have to get through this quarantine without sport. The lack of sports does not mean that there is no more excitement. To alleviate this quarantine we have already told you about the Virtuals platform, and now we also have another option you can bet on.

For several years now, eSports has been gaining ground worldwide and its market is growing both in terms of followers and economically. We’ve already talked about the keys to being a pro and the main video games in the industry, so now it’s your turn to get to know the markets you can play with us:


Let’s start with the example of CounterStrike. In this case we will go to the ESL CS:GO market, in the Road To Rio tournament, NA Group Stage. There you will find five different markets: Match Winner; Map 1 Winner; Map 2 Winner; Asian Handicap; and Correct Map Score (Best of 3).

For example, in the match between Team Liquid and Bad News Bears, the latter are the underdogs and if you bet $200 you could win $1,204. Another attractive bet for this match-up would be on the correct score, where for example 2:1 would pay $714 for every $200 wagered.


There aren’t as many markets available for Overwatch, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance of winning.

The Overwatch League matches are scheduled for this Saturday 25th, and you can bet on the winner of the match; a good example for you to win is the match between San Francisco Shock (-833) and Los Angeles Valiant (+388), where a $200 bet on the latter would give you $976.


For DOTA 2 we go to the Dota2 Live Media market, in the Cifrut Challenge tournament. Like CounterStrike, the same five betting options are available here; the Gorillaz Pride vs. Sandblood duel looks pretty close, but a 0:2 win in favour of Sanblood would leave you with a $1,436 profit on a $200 bet.

League of Legends

LoL also has five betting options on most of the tournaments available. At Riot LOL you will find several leagues, and for this case we will use the LCL, in its spring playoff version.

The match between Team Rox and Unicorns of Love will be played on April 20, and betting on the first team could win you up to $460; if you’re feeling more confident, you can bet on the correct score in the best of 5 games, where the most attractive odds – for 3:0 in favour of Team Rx – would leave $1,692 in your winnings.

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