video poker for real money

Advantages of playing video poker for real money

The progressive jackpot dream

The dream of every casino gambler, whether he is in Las Vegas or playing from home, is to hit a lucky roll and win the exorbitant progressive jackpot.

In video poker, detailed observation of the progressive jackpot(s) can be useful. If a player wants to win a progressive jackpot, then he will have to risk the maximum number of games. Progressive jackpots, which are the biggest winnings, but also the most difficult to win in a casino, can only be awarded if the player bets the maximum number of games.

However, you always need to be on your guard, because when you are chasing a progressive jackpot, it is obvious that the money goes much faster. Rationality and moderation are your best weapons in these cases.

In other words, getting that royal flush that multiplies your deposit to a huge amount can be as difficult as it is appealing, so don’t base all your playing time on trying to hit it.

Instead, take advantage of all the other benefits that playing video poker has in store for you.

Major benefits of playing video poker

If all the information we’ve compiled for you so far doesn’t seem like enough and you need more to start playing video poker, then be sure to read the following advantages you can enjoy:

  • The casino advantage is the lowest among all the games available.
  • You can interfere to affect the final outcome of every game you play.
  • The ratio between the winnings and the stake you place is excellent.
  • There are many winning combinations you can make in a game.
  • Each video poker machine shows you the possible winnings and odds.

Video poker RTP

The RTP (Return to Player) is the percentage of the money wagered that, in theory, the player should get back on their bets. This does not mean that it always happens, though, but only on average over thousands of games.

All games have a specific RTP, so why mention it when it comes to video poker? The answer is quite simple: it is the game with the highest % of all games.

Some of the versions of the game can be close to 100%, which makes it, without a doubt, the title that offers the most advantages to all players, and that’s why you should try it out with us!

These advantages you can enjoy every time you play video poker, however, it is necessary that we explain the different types of them that you will get throughout your adventure.

What are the types of video poker?

As with all casino games, such as blackjack or roulette, those who play video poker will have the option to choose between different ways to try their luck. Here are the most common of them all:

  • Jacks or Better: The most popular form of video poker. To win, you have to get at least one jack or higher denomination card in your hand. A version known as ‘All American’ is the same, but the payouts change.
  • Tens or Better: This is played in the same way as Jacks or Better, only here, tens will be the high card you can opt for in order not to lose your deposit money.
  • Deuces Wild: In this version, which is also very popular, the deuce cards that appear in your hand count as jokers. In other words, you will have up to four wild cards at your disposal.
  • Joker Poker: Here an extra card is added to the deck, which is a joker. There are versions that introduce up to two of them to increase the odds of winning prizes.

Consider that each of these versions of the video poker game not only vary in the way they win, but also the payouts you receive if you win will be different depending on the facility they offer.

Have we convinced you? Excellent! Then it’s time to see what kind of player you’ll be when you sit down to play. Although each person is unique, they often fall into very specific boxes.

Best online video poker developers

Developers are an essential part of the casino world, so it’s important that you choose products created exclusively by the best.

Video poker software

When it comes to online video poker developers, the market is full of excellent companies willing to offer their services, but below we will recommend four of the best:

  • Real Time Gaming.
  • Microgaming.
  • iSoftBet.
  • PlayTech.

These are some of the companies that offer the best titles to their users, so you shouldn’t be afraid to use their products. In fact, you could enjoy some of them completely free of charge in our specialised section.

Practice as much as you want without even having to make a deposit! Also, plan the strategy you want to follow to get that long-awaited payout.

Video poker on mobile

Nowadays you also have the excellent option of playing video poker directly from your mobile, that’s right! Most casinos offer a completely free app for you to download and play directly on your mobile.

And if you still want to play for free, then you can access the games we have for you on your mobile – no more excuses! Enjoy the excellent advantages that participating in this way will bring you.

  • Play video poker wherever you are.
  • Play games at any time you want without restrictions.
  • Download the games to enjoy them even offline.

As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to playing video poker – use the options you like best and enjoy it to the fullest!

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